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Hawaii Five-0 a Blessing?

[Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park: 2011 Christmas Light Parade, Honolulu (My camera died so I was using my crappy phone. Trust me, it’s them.)]

As anyone in the modern world knows, the television show Hawaii Five-0 shoots on location here on Oahu. They are beginning shooting for the next season (2014-15) and streets get blocked, tourists gawk at the trucks (actors are a rare sight), and one entrepreneur sells t-shirts from the trunk of his car.

Tuesday, we had the ‘pleasure’ of them shooting a scene in front of the building where I work. As I drove in on this two lane street, half of it was taken up by their large equipment trucks and traffic was blocked up across the other side of the cross street. I dreaded the congestion our building and small parking lot would face throughout the day, but my fears were unfounded as the trucks were packed up and gone by 9:00am.

The next day I read in the newspaper that there was a blessing ceremony for the new season held down at the Honolulu Zoo. Now, I’m wondering… how they can shoot early morning scenes at one end of Waikiki and a couple of hours later have a blessing ceremony for the first shots of the new season at the other end of Waikiki?

I guess if you want the media and the tourists to show up, you schedule the blessing ceremony a little bit later and at a more accessible location…