Open Mouth, Insert Jeep…

[Seed Pods from a Signature Tree]

I’ve done it yet again. Opened my big mouth and said something I thought was safe to say but apparently led everyone into a liberal fervor in which I am now an American-hating flag burner.

Yes, I think if you fly a flag from your vehicle – any flag be it political, sports, or showing a cartoon character – it pretty much deems you a redneck.

Some people took offense at this and quickly labeled me a hater (without bothering to ask why I came to this conclusion. Others proudly claimed their redneck status.

So I’m back to keeping my mouth shut and scoping the posts for tricks to running my Jeep a little longer and hopefully I can still score some parts I need…


Online Dating…


Doing the whole online dating thing, one thing I’ve come to realize is that if a man is serious about getting to know you, he won’t ask for your picture.

I’ve never really cared about looks that much – as long as the man takes care of himself (showers, shaves, brushes his teeth), I’m good. But if you’re using a site like craigslist or FetLife, you don’t necessarily have a photo posted and the first thing I’m usually asked is, ‘Can you send a pic?’

The last few men I’ve been involved with never did ask for photos before meeting. We corresponded for a while before meeting face to face so by that point, we had a good feel for each other. If they were disappointed on my appearance when we met, it didn’t show. I’ve also realized they didn’t push me to meet or to have sex with them.

I’m beginning to think there’s a correlation here. If a man is serious about wanting to get to know you, wanting some sort of relationship, he won’t care about a photo and he won’t pester you to meet before you’re ready. Don’t let them…

Jeep Wave…

Jeep Happy
[Jeep meme from many emails sent to me – and I believe a few Pinterest and Facebook posts]

There’s been this discussion for a day or two on our Jeep Facebook group over the Jeep Wave. Yes, it’s a real thing. As Jeeps pass on the road, the drivers wave in solidarity – or here in Hawaii, they give the Shaka.

Someone posted something along the lines of ‘If I wave at you, wave back, dammit!’ and all hell broke loose. It was a riot of answers, most of them hilarious and making fun of the Jeep Wave and each other. Somewhere along that short line of a day or so, the whole idea of the post went viral and comments started appearing on other Facebook pages and websites. Inside of two days, the post was removed. I find this absolutely hilarious – that poking fun at a wave and at each other waving has sparked such a debate!

I’ve never really thought about it as I drive my Jeep around the island. I’ve seen people wave to me and wondered why they were waving at a complete stranger. Now that I have this background, all I can do is laugh when I see another Jeep!

But what is Jeep Wave Etiquette? Do I wave first? Does she wave first? Obviously the guy with the Big Gulp can’t wave. Maybe it’s directional – the person heading makai (towards the ocean) or Diamond Head (north) is the first to wave. Maybe the privilege belongs to whoever has the newer Jeep. Or the most after-market gear.

When I figure this out, I’ll let you know…