Lame-Ass Spam…


I received the following spam in my mailbox:

Want to bang? Not-really-hot yet doable gurls…

Would anyone really click on this???


Just Do It!

Palms at noon

I am starting to hate the term ‘Will do!’. At one time, it was just a jaunty phrase often accompanied by a quick salute to get a chuckle. Now it’s used seemingly everywhere by everyone. Even in business. Rather than the more standard ‘I’ll get on that’ or the more formal ‘Yes, sir. Right away, sir.’

I’m tired of it’s over-use and it’s casualness, but mostly I cringe whenever I hear the phrase because I know what it really means is ‘Won’t do!’. Whatever that person is agreeing to gets a brief acknowledgement (‘Will do!’) then is put on the back burner until you ask if the job is done. Perhaps it should be ‘I’ll do it when I get around to it and stop bugging me or I just won’t get to it at all…’

Inflated Ego…

I am important. You can tell because I type all my emails in bold font.

What does it say about a person when he uses all bold text in every email he sends? I’m sure there’s been a study that would tell me he has an inflated ego…

Happy Birthday, Smokey Bear!

I got excited when I heard that it was Smokey Bear’s birthday but when I did a little research, I found out his birthday was actually on August 9th. So I missed it by a couple of days… But I still wish him all the best and to celebrate, here are photos of the first Smokey Bear ad poster from 1944 plus photos of the Smokey Bear, rescued in a New Mexico wild fire in 1950. Isn’t he adorable?

[Smokey Bear’s debut poster from 1944: photo courtesy Wikipedia]

[The “real” Smokey Bear being treated for his burns, 1950: photo courtesy]

[The “real” Smokey Bear at a promotional event: photo courtesy]

No Thanks…

[Pupukea Beach Park]

It must be pretty crappy being a bus driver. Especially when you’re a floater and just filling in for a regular driver. On a small neighborhood route the bus drivers are known by name and the riders have formed relationships with them. When a driver is gone, we usually know about it in advance.

Yesterday, the afternoon bus driver was someone new, someone we hadn’t seen before. Immediately, one elderly woman expressed concern over the regular driver, Mel. The driver laughed and said, ‘He retired.’ I think a dozen people on the bus gasped.

‘Yeah, he went in the office yesterday and just retired. No warning.’

‘But he has another year!’

‘Guess he decided it was time.’

The driver was joking – Mel hadn’t retired – but he had fun with it for a few minutes. It got me to thinking how ungrateful we are as a society. No one asked this bus driver his name. He comes in, drives around all day, and no one really cares except that he gets them to where they’re going. He made me smile for a few mintues there, so for that, I thank him…

The Dog Bucket List…

Tucker & Blackie
[Tucker and Blackie]

First, the movie “The Bucket List” inspired people to create their own mini-adventures before they die. How many of you have at least one bucket list? I have two – one based strictly in Hawaii and another list of things I can do anywhere or need to go somewhere else to complete (like taking a road trip with my granddaughter or sailing around Fiji).

So one inspired couple developed a bucket list for their dog who was dying of cancer. It had things like ride in a fire truck and eat a steak dinner. Now every pet owner is coming up with a list for their dying furry family members.

My question is, why wait until the animal is dying? Why not do these special things for your dog or cat now while they can be appreciated? While it might be hard to get the ride on the fire truck unless death is imminent, why not feed your dog a steak dinner once a year? Or get a bird for your cat to watch. (Keep it in the cage, please. I’m not suggesting bird-icide.)

We don’t wait until our bodies are riddled with cancer before we start checking things off our list. Why do we wait for our fur-babies to become incurably ill before we start treating them with the things they’ve always wanted to do but thought they couldn’t? Let’s give them something to live for rather than to die for…