That Voice…

Face in Lava formation
[Lava formation in tidal pool, Kahanamoku Beach]

I’ve just spent three hours of my time watching two training videos for a software program I have to learn. The first video was recorded during a previous training session. The second video was… well, it was not.

The first video, Vid1 I’ll call it, was not the most interesting thing (it’s accounting software, for Pete’s sake) but there were questions from the trainees which kept it alive. I had a few of the same questions so I listened attentively to the answers, following along with my printed instructions and taking notes as needed.

Vid2, on the other hand, was dry and I had to replay sections two or three times because I found my mind wandering. I peeled the nail polish off my fingernails, I went to the refrigerator for a soda, I opened some mail I hadn’t gotten to earlier, I straightened a pile of papers… you get the idea.

What I can’t figure out is who decided on the voice. Not this voice in particular but the tone that all training videos seem to have. The inflection the speakers use, the up and down tone of voice, as if highlighting something in their speech – although I can’t figure out why that word would be highlighted.

Why can’t they take a cue from the droning of Ben Stein?



Playing in the sand
[Strange collection on the beach, Waikiki]

How on earth have I collected so much stuff? I moved to Hawaii less than three years ago with just three suitcases and my dog.

I’ve decided it’s time to throw some of it out, but what if I need it? But if I keep it, I won’t need it. Until I throw it out. Then I’ll need it. So I’ll keep it. Then I won’t need it. So I’ll throw it away. And then I’ll need it…

I See Random Things…

Idol in Rock Wall

I’ve always been able to see images in various objects and designs around me – faces, flowers, animals. The most common places are in old plaster walls, with all the rough spots created by the “smoothing” process, and in tile. I thought I was just kind of weird that way, or that it was my artistic bent – God knows I have no other artistic talent. Come to find out, seeing images that aren’t there is a real thing and it is completely common, so there goes my last hope at having some unique quality about me…

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Photo: Rock wall on Koko Head Avenue