Morning Traffic on King Street

I was waiting for my bus on the way home from work yesterday when a car stalled in the center turn lane. I was reading and don’t know how long it was there before I noticed but the driver didn’t get out of the car to try and push it out of traffic – he just kept trying to turn the engine over and waved at the people behind him to pass.

I was amazed but not surprised that no one stopped to help this person push the car over to the curb. I debated going over myself but my bus was due any second and if I missed it, I would have to wait another hour for the next bus. However, I’ve been in this person’s place – stuck and no one stopping to help, so I was feeling a little guilty about not helping.

I’d just decided I had to help when a woman jogged over to the car and I was floored when the driver got out of the car. I expected a little old man or maybe a young girl who just didn’t know what to do. What got out of the car was a six-foot-plus, muscle-bound gym rat. He clearly had the ability to push his own car. If I can push my car and steer it to the curb, this giant surely could.

I’m happy to say that he at least let the woman steer the car while he pushed. And I feel only a slight guilt for not running over to the car immediately. (BTW – My bus did arrive before they reached the curb.)



{Google map]

I just received a puzzling letter from my credit union. It says, ‘Good news! We’re opening a [new branch] in your area…’ This new branch is in Florida. I live in Hawaii. How is Florida in my area?
Even Google doesn’t think Florida is in my area of Hawaii – and Google¬†walks me into the Tardis…



Sidewalk Trash
[Cigarette butt]


These two idiots are sitting at the bus stop with me, and Idiot #1 is telling Idiot # 2 how he hurt his back doing construction and now he has trouble sleeping so he needs medical marijuana. The guy is in his early 20’s. Not only that but they were discussing which doctors will write prescriptions for medical marijuana without hassles. Now, Idiot #1 stated he needed the marihuana to sleep, yet here he was at 7 o’clock in the morning, waiting for his ride to work, and out in public. Idiots…


Lunch at The Willows

I think I flirted today. I’m not really sure because I don’t flirt. I’ve always been so bad at it that I stopped trying ages ago, but as I left the store I thought, “Did I just flirt with someone?”

So here’s what happened… I’m in line at the pharmacy and this older man is sitting, waiting, looking at his phone. It looks like he’s texting. Another man (my age) comes in and asks him if he’s been up to the counter yet. He gets ignored but he keeps asking questions – “Did you wait in line?” “Did they call your name?” “Have you been up to the counter?” He still gets ignored, but you can tell he’s good-humored about it and I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. He gets in line behind me and I tell him he can go straight to the counter if they called the other man’s name but he likes the air conditioning (it’s hot out today) and would rather wait. I laughed at that, too and he pushes at me and says “You’re funny”.

Then he says “I bet you’re a good cook. I need to start using a crock pot.” Huh?!? Okay, thinking back, he probably assumed I’m a good cook based on my size. Little do people realize you can be a terrible cook and still be overweight because you eat so badly.

That aside, we got into a discussion about chicken and pot roast. This lasted until I was called up to the counter, but then he ended up at the cashier next to me and we bantered a little bit more. Before I left he said it again – “You’re funny” and pushes my arm. I say “I’m funny!” and push him back. (I think that’s the flirting part.) Then I wished him luck with his pot roast and went to the front to pay for the rest of my items.

On my way out of the store I happened to pass his car as he was pulling out. We smiled and waved goodbye, and that was it.

Photo: My lunch at The Willows Restaurant (first pass through the buffet)