Sixteen Points!

I found this You Tube clip on the Jeep Wave… Interestingly enough, there is a protocol…


The Jeep Wave Saga Continues…

[Jurassic Park Jeep, photo from]

Since the original Jeep Wave post has been pulled, several other posts have popped up in its place. My favorite so far is the Jurassic Park Jeeps. They don’t wave.

I guess there are four or six of these Jeeps on the Island. They film the movies here, after all, and are currently in production on the fourth one.┬áI saw one of the Jeeps several weeks ago and my thought was, ‘They have doors. They’re Dino-wussies.’

If there’s a T-Rex on my tail, I can jump right out of my Jeep and get away. They’d have to stop and open a door first. Yep, Dino-bait. And I bet they don’t wave at the dinosaur either…


Jeep Wave…

Jeep Happy
[Jeep meme from many emails sent to me – and I believe a few Pinterest and Facebook posts]

There’s been this discussion for a day or two on our Jeep Facebook group over the Jeep Wave. Yes, it’s a real thing. As Jeeps pass on the road, the drivers wave in solidarity – or here in Hawaii, they give the Shaka.

Someone posted something along the lines of ‘If I wave at you, wave back, dammit!’ and all hell broke loose. It was a riot of answers, most of them hilarious and making fun of the Jeep Wave and each other. Somewhere along that short line of a day or so, the whole idea of the post went viral and comments started appearing on other Facebook pages and websites.┬áInside of two days, the post was removed. I find this absolutely hilarious – that poking fun at a wave and at each other waving has sparked such a debate!

I’ve never really thought about it as I drive my Jeep around the island. I’ve seen people wave to me and wondered why they were waving at a complete stranger. Now that I have this background, all I can do is laugh when I see another Jeep!

But what is Jeep Wave Etiquette? Do I wave first? Does she wave first? Obviously the guy with the Big Gulp can’t wave. Maybe it’s directional – the person heading makai (towards the ocean) or Diamond Head (north) is the first to wave. Maybe the privilege belongs to whoever has the newer Jeep. Or the most after-market gear.

When I figure this out, I’ll let you know…