No Aloha

Makalahilahi Point
[Makalahilahi Point, filtered with photo app after the fact]

I don’t understand all the hoopla over the movie Aloha. I have not seen the movie but then, neither had anyone else when this all started. It seems because the main character looked too haole (white) and not Hawai’ian enough, it was deemed a bad movie. What these people don’t seem to understand is that that is part of the movie’s premise.

There was also a lot said over the use of the word Aloha itself, although it has been pointed out that anyone can open a business of any ilk (pest control, escort service) and call it Aloha-Whatever and it’s okay.

The same people bashing the movie Aloha swoon over Hawaii Five-0. Now it seems to me that H50 is nothing about what life is actually like in Hawaii. We don’t have police shoot-outs every week and there aren’t crazy car chases in Waikiki (well, maybe that one).

Even worse, they film only in the best of the best neighborhoods. You will never ever see Steve McGarrett driving down Dillingham Blvd. or Waialae Avenue. They just aren’t glitzy enough. But it’s where us real locals live. And work. And drive.

So what I see is that Cameron Crowe made an honest movie about honest people and Hawaii Five-0 makes glitz. And because Crowe was honest, he gets knocked around for it.