election corner
[Campaign signs]

The news just came out that the incumbent Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, has just conceded the election to his party opponent, David Ige. In the news article ( it was noted that Abercrombie raised – and spent – over $5 million in his election re-bid.

There has been so much written in the local news lately about how the state lacks funds to help the homeless, back the schools, get roads repaired, etc. If our governor spent over $5 million to be re-elected, it’s no wonder Hawaii cannot afford to maintain itself. I realize this money was not state money but the idea of spending so much just to campaign for political office when there is so much that needs to be done. Why not put those cash-raising skills to use for the good of Hawaii rather than self-importance?

When the November election comes around, not only will I have a better selection of candidates but I will keep a better eye out for their campaign spending.